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Every Moment is a Memory

Elegance and simplicity


The passion could lead us and go beyond our expectation to create a jewellery of our dream.


Sometimes, we spent a long hours, trying different colors, different setting to create a final piece.  Our focus is to create a piece that give you an elegance look.


Most of the time, the final product is a simple design with elegance look and a simple maintenance at lower cost.


Should we pay $10 or more to clean a pearl necklace or a simple soap is enough as solution.  Do you wish to shop at several stores to find a product that you had in the draw in the bathroom ?


The price we pay is for the name of person who creates the product not for the quality or rarety of product.


Why paying an expensive jewellery when you work so hard to earn the money.  Would you like to use it for several times or only once for an evening party ?

This is what drive us. We want to provide a simple yet elegant piece. Since each jewel is handcraft and the material select, in a sence all our piece are unique and have a certain characters. Our focus to detail will 


DailightGems was born around 10 years ago.  At the beginning, our product were mainly pearl. 


R Ker

Montreal, Quebec, H3L2W2


Tel: 514-883-8759


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